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  • HORI Mario Kart Racing Wheel Pro Mini for Nintendo Switch

  • NSW-204A
  • Aisa
  • Diameter size (mm): 220
    Cable length (square disc): 3m
    Cable length (foot pedal): 1.5m
    Interface: USB
    Foot pedal: Yes
    ASSIGN function: Yes

  • 1. Switch uses the first handheld steering wheel (equipped with a foot pedal)

    2. Products developed in collaboration with Mario Racing 8

    3. ASSIGN function is equipped with

    4. Product features: (1) Menu button, located in the center of the steering wheel, can also be pressed to enter the menu interface in the game. (2) Prop holding function, long press the ZL button to provide protection. Place the prop behind you (keep the button locked) and press the ZL or L button to release the prop.

    5. This product needs to be connected to the host base and cannot be directly connected to the Nintendo Switch body. ※ If you are using our TV mode exclusive, portable USB hub stand 2-port for Nintendo Switch, you can also use it on Nintendo Switch Lite.

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