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  • HORI Taiko no Tatsujin controller for Nintendo Switch

  • NSW-079A
  • Aisa
  • Size: Width: Approximately 231mm × Height: 200mm × Depth: Approximately 212mm (including pedestal)
    Weight: approximately 900g (including pedestal)
    Cable length: 2m
    Drum size: diameter 26 millimeters × Approximately 270mm

  • image.png·Nintendo Switch's dedicated controller for Taigu influencers has made its debut. Drumming excites everyone!

    ·Nintendo Switch exclusive software "Taigu expert Nintendo Switch - Jin! The drum controller is perfect for drums!"!

    ·Taigu influencer Dokodon RPG Pack! Only supports playing in game mode.

    ·You can also connect two devices and use both players to be compatible with the Nintendo Switch Dock.

    ·Comes with 2 special drums measuring approximately 27 centimeters in length. In addition, the rack can be installed on a dedicated bracket for convenient storage.

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