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  • HORI PlayStation 5 Fighting Stick Alpha (Street Fighter 6 Edition)

  • SPF-033A
  • Asia
  • 1. Weight: approximately 2.7kg
    2. Appearance dimensions: length * width * height approximately 410mm * 300mm * 120mm (including handle height)
    3. Connection pipeline: USB connection
    4. Line length: about 3m
    5. Support platform: PS5 PS4 PC
    6. Corresponding OS: Windows ® 11/10 only supports XInput, does not support PC corresponding to DirectInput
    7. Joystick: "HAYABUSA" (manufactured by HORI)
    8. Keys (△, ○, ×, □, L1, L2, R1, R2 buttons), "HAYABUSA" (manufactured by HORI)
    9. Selection button: HORI button (manufactured by HORI)
  • ·Customize your original design, you can customize the top design board to your original design

    ·Easy to maintain, you can easily enter the interior for maintenance by opening the casing and maintaining the lever and button

    ·Equipped with headphone/microphone terminals, it has a headphone/microphone terminal similar to DualSense

    ·Equipped with button lock mode to prevent accidental pressing of other buttons

    ·Applications that can be finely customized, and you can use specialized applications to set various functions according to your preferences

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