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  • HORI PlayStation 5 Fighting Stick Alpha (TEKKEN 8 Edition) - Tournament Grade Fi

  • SPF-037A
  • Aisa
  • 1. Weight: approximately 2.7kg
    2. Appearance dimensions: length * width * height approximately 410mm * 300mm * 120mm (including handle height)
    3. Connection pipeline: USB connection
    4. Line length: about 3m
    5. Support platform: PS5 PS4 PC
    6. Corresponding OS: Windows ® 11/10 only supports XInput, does not support PC corresponding to DirectInput
    7. Joystick: "HAYABUSA" (manufactured by HORI)
    8. Keys (△, ○, ×, □, L1, L2, R1, R2 buttons), "HAYABUSA" (manufactured by HORI)
    9. Selection button: HORI button (manufactured by HORI)

  • HORI's latest Iron Fist 8 Fighting α The controller version has made its debut!

    Support for PlayStation ® 5/PlayStation ® 4/PC

    ■ Original customized design panel

    The top panel of the handle can be designed and made by yourself, and can be customized according to your own DIY design.

    ※ Product Offering 【 TEKKEN 】 ™ 8】 Original Design DLC Code Download.

    ■ Easy to maintain

    You can easily access the interior by opening the outer shell with a dedicated switch; Perform maintenance and updates on the controller and buttons.

    ■ Equipped with button lock mode

    Equipped with button lock mode to prevent accidental button presses.

    ■ Application customization function

    By using specialized applications, you can set various functions according to your preferences.

    The bottom surface is equipped with anti slip pads

    The bottom surface adopts a highly stable anti slip pad.

    ■ Equipped with touchpad button function and equipped with a personal audio headphone/microphone jack

    DualSense ™ Equipped with the same touchpad button function and headphone/microphone jack as the wireless controller (not PC supported)

    This product does not support tactile feedback, self adjustment triggering, light bar, vibration function, or motion sensor function.

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